Why We Love Amber Liu

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  • 1. Your top 10 favorite groups?
  • 2. Top 5 biases
  • 3. Your ultimate bias?
  • 4. The first ever kpop song you listened to?
  • 5. Top 3 girl groups?
  • 6. Top 3 boy groups?
  • 7. Your favorite song by______?
  • 8. Your ultimate OTP?
  • 9. Your favorite MV by _______?
  • 10. How long have you been into kpop?
  • 11. Your ultimate female bias?
  • 12. Your ultimate male bias?
  • 13. Your least favorite group?
  • 14. Your least favorite song, by your favorite group?
  • 15. The best kpop dance is?
  • 16. In your opinion, who in kpop has the best rapping skills?
  • 17. Your favorite dancer?
  • 18. Your favorite leader?
  • 19. Your favorite maknae?
  • 20. Your favorite visual?
  • 21. Your favorite rapper?
  • 22. Which member of _______ do you find the hottest?
  • 23. Your favorite kdrama?
  • 24. Your favorite kpop idol who have starred in a drama?
  • 25. What's the funniest thing your bias/bias group have ever done?
  • 26. ___________ or __________ ? (band/otp/people/songs/mv/album)
  • 27. Do you own any merchandise?
  • 28. If 27, what do you own?
  • 29. Your top 5-10 OTPs?
  • 30. If you could switch bodies with ANY kpop idol, who would it be?
  • 31. What position in a kpop group do you think you'd have?
  • 32. What turns you the most on by kpop?
  • 33. What's your favorite song?
  • 34. What's your favorite MV?
  • 35. Your favorite group?
  • 36. k-pop, k-rap, k-indie or k-rock?
  • 37. Your favorite cover (song or dance) done by another kpop artist?
  • 38. The most awkward moment in kpop was______?
  • 39. Your top 5 MV's?
  • 40. Your top 5 kpop dances?
  • 41. Favorite instrumental by______?
  • 42. Your favorite album of __________?
  • 43. Do you look at a groups music skills, or looks?
  • 44. Your favorite femalexmale OTP? (if you have one)
  • 45. What song do you listen to when you're upset?
  • 46. A song that makes you happy?
  • 47. A song that reminds you of someone?
  • 48. A MV that have made you cry?
  • 49. The funniest MV is?
  • 50. Your favorite rap part?
  • 51. A moment in a MV that gave you the chills?
  • 52. The best female rapper is?
  • 53. The best male rapper is?
  • 54. Your favorite sub-unit?
  • 55. If you could be a "coordi-noona", which group do you want to do their make-ups on and dress up?
  • 56. If you could be a manager to ANY kpop group. Who would it be?
  • 57. If you could be the CEO of an entertainment, what ent. would it be?
  • 58. Kiss, fuck, marry ______,______&_______?(band member)
  • 59. A place you want to take you and your bias to?
  • 60. Ballads, or up-beat songs?
  • 61. Your top 5 pictures of your bias without make-up?
  • 62. Put your ipod/phone songs on shuffle. The first song is the song you and your bias is going to get married to.
  • 63. What's the first kpop related you see when you look to your left?
  • 64. What would you do if you could have your bias for 1 month?
  • 65. If your favorite group came on your door, what would you do?
  • 66. The weirdest dream you've ever had about your bias(or other k-idols)?
  • 67. Ever been to a kpop concert?
  • 68. Your favorite fanart of your bias?
  • 69. Why do you like kpop?

My main tumblr is “tomboyamber,” follow if you can! I’m doing a HUGE Amber pic spam today.

Amber looks sooo sexy in Red Light. I’ve rewatched that music video 20 times, mostly to see that amazing woman. I admit, I once flirted back and forth with a girl just because her androgynous looks reminded me of Amber. But not only is Amber gorgeous, but she’s so talented, funny, and kind too. Also an advocate for disobeying gender standards, which I love. Gender standards are bullshit. And like most fans, I like to think that she likes girls. As a lesbian, I’d love it if she liked girls, although I’d love her no matter what. I have the biggest crush on her. I get butterflies watching videos of her. But I’ll stop ranting now.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't mean to argue, but I don't like the idea of people saying they "know" that someone's gay. I've had many friends "mislabeled" and it does bother them (both gay and straight). And I had been outed before I was ready. I understand that she is/would be an inspiration for others if she were to come out, but at the same time, I don't think she should do so until she's ready. If she is gay, probably just her friends and family knows, she doesn't owe anything to us.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

I never said she did. Or are you responding to the other Anon?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm a lesbian and I'm about 95% positive amber is gay (or at least bi or pan) but not just because of her masculine appearance. Idk I just get this feeling from her that says she is gay. Haha, it's probably that stereotypical "gaydar" that apparently all gay people have. But I'll admit to having a HUGE crush on her, ugh I just wish she would come out seeing as how inspiring it would be for young people struggling with their identity who are fans of kpop. Idk I may be wrong :)
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

You ain’t alone sweety.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey there. I'm just wondering, what's your favorite TV show featuring amber? Mine's invincible youth, because she just didn't get Korean ahahah! But yeah, what's yours?
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

I actually don’t have one, I’ll have to start getting back into them.

am frm africa just knw amber in 2days i think i hav falling in love with her lov her style keep it up amber

Asker Anonymous Asks:
2/2: and vice versa. All shippers do that. But to the extent of liking her only because of the ship and being too obsessed over it. Some of them even ruin relationships in RPs because of this ship. Oh come on, people.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
1/1: As an aff(x)ion or Diamond or whatever people call f(x)'s fandom base and as an Ember, I have to say that it truly irritates me whenever a fan or two says that s/he likes Amber because of her ships. It's a little unreasonable. Shipping someon with her IS a factor to like her, yes. But as I can see, most of you likes her only for Kryber or whatever it is ship they have. Tbqh, Kryber fans are annoying me a lot because some of them are warfreaks. Some of them thinks that Amber is only for Krys
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
When is there gonna be another f(x) concert? Hb another song? I really love watching Amber dance, i love her singing, she inspires me alot. I really just love her. I wish i knew more people at my school who loves k pop also.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

I honestly don’t know. I also wish that more people around me liked K-pop too. :3

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Ugh! I love Amber so much. I actually wish she was lesbian so I could have her.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

Don’t we all. :3

Why do I love Amber? Well she's all around very likeable, and loveable. She's beautiful and an amazing role model, I love to see her smile and her random instagram updates make me smile. She's got awesome style and I love how she's just herself.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why can't she come to America? Everybody loves her all over the world.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

I haven’t heard that she wasn’t allowed.

Watch on youtube: Eng Sub amazing fx ep 4 part 1/4. It’s shows what’s Amber. There’s other but this is the most sweetie st and funny moment of Amber and fx. Please watch it. If you can, watch all the episodes. Amber is a nice girl. Please watch it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do anybody know Amber's number? Because I'm 11 and I want to be a celebrate like them. But first I want to be their little assistance. I just want to help out somehow. Please reply back. I'm not Asian but I do have a friend that is Asian.
whyweloveamberliu whyweloveamberliu Said:

No i don’t sorry.